Play and win limited Gepida bicycles!

Join us and celebrate our 20th anniversary together. Every week, for 20 weeks long, you can be the winner of one of our Gepida bicycles manufactured in limited numbers. Buy any of Gepida acessories and then send us the AP code of your receipt along with your particulars to our email address at This exciting  game gets started on 11 April 2014 and it ends on 22 August 2014. In case you  have retained a reciept with the date on it not older than 01 October 2013, you can also participate in the game.

You can read more about the relevant conditions of participation at:

 I. How to play?

 Any customer may participate in the game who buys 1 piece Gepida product of any kind in any bicycle trade unit of any country during the given promotion period.

In order to participate, the customer is required to send the AP code on the receipt as the proof of payment to the dedicated email address after the purchase, and retain the receipt until the acceptance of the prize. The prize will not be delivered, and the winner may not claim damages, in the absence of the original sales receipt.

Participation in the game is not only valid in Hungary, but also abroad.

The sales receipts of all purchases in all domestic and foreign commercial units where Gepida products are available are valid in the promotion. 
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II. Duration of the promotion:
From 11 April 2014 to 22 August 2014

Duration of the Game: The promotion starts on 11 April and lasts for 20 weeks until 22 August. However, not only the AP numbers (of the sales receipts) uploaded from 11 April 2014 participate in the promotion, but the AP numbers of the sales receipts/invoices issued for the products purchased during the period from 01.10.2013 to 24.00 o'clock on 22.08.2014 are will also be accepted.
Valid sales receipt:
The date of purchase of a valid sales receipt cannot be earlier than 1 October 2013 or later than 22.08.2014.

A valid sales receipt must contain the following (the receipt must be shown upon acceptance):
·       the exact name and address of the store
·       the date of purchase
·       the individual AP code
·       the designation of 1 piece Gepida product.

Participation in the game is subject to the participants sending the following information to the dedicated email address of Olimpia Bicycle Ltd.:
·       customer's full name,
·       customer's address,
·       customer's mobile phone number,
·       customer's email address,
·       AP code,
·       designation of 1 piece Gepida product.

If any of these is not provided or is incorrectly specified, the Organiser will not be able to notify the Participant and the Participant may be disqualified from the Game, against which the Participant has no remedy.
III. What can you win?
Limited edition bicycles will be drawn once a week for a period of 20 weeks from 11 April.

All Participants may participate in the prize draw who purchased at least one 1 piece Gepida product at a time during the promotion period, and sent the AP code on the sales receipt received to the dedicated email address as described point II.

Date and place of the presentation of prizes:
In late September 2014, in the Organiser's head office
Any tax liability concerning the value of the prizes will be borne by the Organiser.
Important! Any registration where the data of the uploaded AP code do not agree with the sales receipt/invoice as the proof of the purchase is considered invalid.
IV. How will you receive your prize?
The original sales receipt/invoice or a copy of the sales receipt/invoice certified by the store must be presented to the Organiser upon the receipt of the prizes. A winner who due to whatever reason is unable to present the sales receipt/invoice, or a certified copy thereof, will be excluded from the game and may not receive the prize.
The Organiser will notify the winners of the time and date of the delivery of the prizes by electronic mail within 2 weeks of the closing of the promotion provided that the prizes will be delivered at the Organiser's head office. (H- 1164 Ostorhegy str. 4.)
The Organiser of the game will try to contact each winner by email on two occasions, and the winners may receive their prizes within 40 calendar days of the notice. In case a Participant is unable to receive the prize at the time and date stated in the notice, he/she must inform the Organiser by email at least 5 business days before the planned date of the delivery, and request a more appropriate time and date for receiving the prize.
The following are needed in order to receive the prize:
·       presentation of the original sales receipt/invoice;
·       identity card of the Participant;
·       proxy: any other person authorised by the participant may also accept the prize (the proxy must include the personal data of the Participant and the attorney, and must be certified by two witnesses. The attorney must give the original proxy to the Organiser's representative to enable him/her to archive it).;
·       participation in the game is subject to that the prizes can be received only in person at the above address in Budapest specified by the Organiser;
·       the delivery and acceptance of the prize will be documented.
Prizes cannot be cashed and are not transferable.
The Organiser is not responsible for any incorrect data provided by the participants (e.g. clerical error in the name or address).
The Organiser accepts no responsibility for any potential technical problems arising in the email system, and the Organiser excludes liability for damages which may result from the fact that unauthorized persons unlawfully access the system and change or delete the data therein, or prevent access.
IV. Who can play?
Only Hungarian or foreign citizens, i.e. customers may take part in the Game who have turned 14 (hereinafter: "Participant") and meet the conditions of the game mechanism described in Section I. (natural persons having a permanent address of residence or place of abode) ("Participant").
The Game is not open for participation to the following persons:
(a) persons having an employment or agency relationship or any other relationship aimed for work with the Organiser;
(b) other direct contributors involved in the arrangement of the Game.
Participation will become valid by accurately submitting the data below to the dedicated email address:
·       Surname and name
·       Address (city, zip code, street, house number, floor, door)
·       Telephone number
·       Email address
One customer is entitled to play with several receipts for the entire duration of the promotion. The Organiser accepts only those receipts as valid, in which the Gepida products can be clearly identified. One receipt may be used for uploading one Tender only regardless of how many products are certified by the given receipt.
If the Participant uploads the same code on his/her account multiple times, the first upload will be regarded as valid, and the rest will be disqualified.  In addition, the data of the receipt/invoice given at registration will be checked (AP code/invoice number, date of purchase).
The Organiser disclaims any and all liability in connection with disputes arising in relation to ownership of the receipts proving purchase.
Receiving the prize is subject to the presentation of the original receipt/invoice in proof of the purchase.
Receiving the prize is also subject to the winner confirming our Privacy Policy writing as well. By sending the data by email (under section II), the Participants automatically accept the terms of these Rules of the Game. The Organiser reserves the right to modify the promotion rules at any time, by simultaneously publishing it on the dedicated website. Participants may use one AP code only once during the game.
General provisions
The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify a Participant if he/she does not meet the conditions laid down in the Rules of the Game for any reason.
A Participant who does not accept the Participation Regulations or any of its provisions, or raises an objection in connection with it, will be excluded from the Game.
The Rules of the Game, including the Participation Regulations, are published on the Organiser's website.The Organiser provides continuous access to the Regulations as described above.
The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify anybody from the Game without cause in case of any manipulation, irregular game, abuse or the suspicion thereof.
The Participants accept that participation in the Game is voluntary.
The Winner(s) consent to the Organiser publish their name, the fact of winning and their prize(s) in Facebook/Google+/Twitter/Pinterest posts exclusively in relation to the Game. At the Organiser's request, the winner(s) acknowledge this by a declaration confirmed with their signature.
The Organiser excludes liability for any damage incurred by the Participants or any third party arising from any incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete data supplied by the Participants.
Data protection
Participation in the Game and data supply are voluntary. The Organiser manages and processes any personal information provided during the Games and transmitted by the Participant to the Organiser's email system, andbased on the authorisation granted by such transmission, especially in order to determine and notify the winner of the Game.
The Game is organized by Olimpia Bicycle Ltd. Any promotion launched on the Gepida Bikes website is independent from Facebook, and Facebook does not endorse or take part in them. The games are launched exclusively by the Organiser.
By participating in the game, the Participants declare that they have come to know the contents of this document and accept the information contained herein.
Olimpia Bicycle Ltd. reserves the right to change the rules.
You will find all information about the Game on the website. If you have any questions, please write to us at:
Budapest, 11 April 2014